extreme network switch port channel port sharing redundence link or load balancing

Link Aggregation, Load Sharing or in Cisco term Port-channel or EtherChannel is a feature that allows multiple physical ports to be aggregated into single logical port.

Run this command bellow to enable Link Aggregation on Extreme Switches (ExtremeOS):
enable sharing [pport] grouping [portlist] {dynamic | algorithm {port-based | address-based | round-robin}} – [port] is the primary port of the group and identifier, [portlist] are number of ports in the group, dynamic or algorithm is type of load balanced preferences.

sw# enable sharing 1 grouping 1,2,3
– In this example, primary identifier port is 1, and ports in this group are 1,2,3 with default LACP load sharing.

Enable LAG on stacked switch:

sw# enable sharing 1:1 grouping 1:1,1:2,2:1,2:2 LACP
– four ports in this group.

Use Disable sharing to delete the LAG from the switch.
The following command disables sharing on master logical port 1 which we created in the above example.

sw# disable sharing 1

Use these commands to see LAG configuration:
sw#show sharing – show LAG ports on the switch
sw#show ports sharing – show LAG ports on the switch
sw# sh port 1:1 sharing – show LAG ports on the switch

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