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You can save trees by avoiding paper usage as much you can in your daily life. You can use another source for such office or any written work. The smartest way to handle all your paper works is using system. It will reduce most of the paper works and save time. Mostly in office human resource department are maintaining several documents for their staff details, payment, company invoices and many more. For such things, the Human Resource Management System helps you by providing each and every need of your organization management. So, does everyone know what Human Resource Management System is? Well, simply we can say it’s the combination of human resource management with information technology.

HRM System by Eilisys:

Human Resource Management System by Eilisys provides you an effective way to maintain all your staff details, hiring, training, attendance and leave management, payroll processing, organization and global work force. You can use this for an entire hire-to-fire of any number of employees. The human resource management system gives you an easy solution for these with accurate results in various business aspects. Most of the HR activities are handled by automated system. This will not only reduce your manual work and help in improving productivity level, but also makes the organization more efficient.

Tracking Employee’s Activities and Abilities:

Every employee’s ability, skills, and achievement can be tracked using a single system. It will be helpful when calculating salary increments, pension, and compensation. The HRM Systemprovides you in maintaining employee database, attendance records, recruitment management, scheduling staff, and administration department to track working status of every individual and also in various other analytics. Getting head count of each day in a big scale organization is a difficult task. With attendance management system, it makes leave management extremely easy and simple. One can able to apply leave through online and the administration can also approve or rejects it via same online. It will also provide employee’s number of leave taken; leave balances, individual status of their applied leave, for each of them. Hence, it is employee self service module.

User Friendly HRM System:

Consist of all types of leave terms and policies for employee’s knowledge. The higher management officer can also receive leave applied by employee as email. They can also view other employee leave details before answering to any leave application. It is summarized for their convenience. It also provides complete payroll processing just in a single click – Income Tax, arrears, Loans. It will also detect duplication of bank or PAN entries, because it consists of build in Smart Auditing feature.
HRM System Designed with many aspects:
After a long and deep research regarding HR department activities, difficulties and their requirements Eilisys designed this HR System to reduce their burden and make it simple. It is designed for multi-platform usage. That means it considers various organization fields and satisfies all their requirements. The Eilisys HR System will also provide tough security for your employee and company data which you have entered in this with proper encryption methods. It gives you a very simple way of solutions for all your HR activities at affordable cost. Eilisys will offer help and support you after sale in every stage of HRM system usage.

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