developing a web site guide basic information required

Have you consider of given your business or company online present or running a website but not sure where to start. This article will give you basic information that you need to get your website online and running.

Designing and developing a website

If it’s your first time or you want remodel a existing website. The first thing that you need to do is determine the capability of the website. First questions that you may want ask your self is; is the website going to give general information about your business or is it going to be interactive website where visitors are able to interact with the content of the website? This will set the base for what type of software you need to get the website running.

There are two types of websites

Static website which provides manual information that do not change. Static website can be developed by anyone with basic html knowledge and can be hosted by any web hosting company.
Dynamic website allows users to interact with website and responds to their inquiry. A website that allows users to buy product, search, register, submit, or select and respond is a dynamic website and require special scripting software such as PHP or ASP, Web Server and database. It may also require security featured if sensitive information is collected or transmitted through the website. Determine what type of scripting language you need to develop the website. For server, you can download and install Apache which is open source multi-platform server or IIS for windows users.

Find and register your website domain name

After you have developed and tested your website. Next thing you need to do is, find an available domain name. Your domain name is your online address so make sure it’s short, descriptive, easy to remember and makes sense for your business. A short domain name is one that is less than or close to 10 characters long without numbers or dashes. Some web hosting companies such as Netfirms and BlueHost provide free domain name with any purchase of web hosting service.

Choosing A Web Hosting Service

Web Hosting is a service that provides online space to store your website files and provides 24 hours 7 days a week connectivity. When choosing a web hosting, make sure it supports all the scripts used to develop the site. An ideal web hosting service should have 99.9% server up time, more than enough space to store all you website files, huge bandwidth to handle all your expected web traffic, supports the website scripting languages used and database if any.

Optimizing and submitting your website to the search engines

Keep in mind to optimize the website for the search engines while developing it. Search engines will evaluate the website based on the title, keywords, description, content trustworthy and incoming links from related websites. Keep your website title and description short and descriptive to increase it’s search engine web robots readability. Placing a link on as many related websites will also increase your search engine ranking.

Submit a website to all the major search engines: You can manually submit the website to all the major search engines such as google, yahoo, msn, aol, dogpile, askjeeves, etc or you can use free online tools such as AddMe and submit express to automatically submit the website to the search engines.

Buying website Traffic: have you come cross an add or website trying to sell you website traffic and wonder how do they generate this traffic? This traffic is generated deceptive ways (script generated or pop up generated) and is not worth buying it. In fact Google and other major search engines will drop or decrease the website ranking if deceptive practices are detected. Pop up generated traffic comes from website specifically created to generate traffic. This type of website opens up many windows with different website when one visits and the chance of any of these visitors to actually see the website is zero. Ask your self, how likely would you stay and check on a website that opens 20 or more windows?

Buying Links: buying a link from a related website or directory with good search engine ranking is great way to increase your link popularity and search engine ranking position plus it generates genuine visitors who are in interest of your site content.

Buying Pay Per Click (PPC) Ads: Pay per click ads are more expensive than simply buying a link on a website with greater value. PPCs such as google adwords and BidVertiser have buyer potential since your product or service link was found based on visitors search response. Each click will cost anywhere from 0.01 to your maximum bid.


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