dating fraud in eastern europe

ince the earliest times, women in Ancient Rus were desirable brides for Western men. Most of the the Royal Households of Europe have Rus blood, Slavic roots.

Today, women from post-Soviet countries are in great demand among European , Arabic men . They start search with dating sites, matrimonial agencies, rarely think about who answers to them at the other end of the world ?

How men are cheated in the international dating sites ? Go to web page of any leading Ukrainian job board and enter “переводчик в брачное агентство” (translation on marriage agency)

For october 2015 have more that 300 job offers for “translator” from different companies with average salary 5000 UAH month with notification *per letter

Screenshot_4 Job post on Ukrainian job board for October 20th : “Simple and profitable work – correspondence in English! Wanted translators with experience if the experience is – just indicate in CV ! Experience is big bonus ! We offer good conditions! Very interesting job , you will learn cultures of different countries around the world!

Work at office (1 month training ) after that – remotely.
Payment in US dollars at the exchange rate!”

Also agency in job offer writes about bonuses they offer:
” 3-day training: “It is interesting to communicate with foreigners – it’s easy!” (Free for staff)
A lot of sites to choose from (for those who have experience).
Convenient program to facilitate the work.
Requirements: Knowledge of English intermediate or advanced. Positivity in communication. Perseverance, attention to detail, passion (heartfelt desire) to communicate with the foreigners by text, and learn from them something new. Customers from around the world: the United States, Spain, Switzerland and other developed countries …

Responsibilities: Translation of correspondence in Russian-English-Russian, Creative writing , Text chats.

Working conditions: work from home (after one month of training in the office), training from the best Masters of Communications! Flexible schedule, a minimum of 5 hours per day, if more hours than salary is also higher. Hours preferably evening or at night (due to the difference in time zones). Payment in US dollars at the exchange rate at the time of payment.

Career opportunities : promotion to the administrator, the manager of the branch. ”

So Purpose of translator – write more letters – get more answers ( as each letter paid).

Another kind of Spammers are individual spammers on dating sites. Usually its individual players. Girls create there profile with purpose to get sponsor – as soon as she gets what she needs – probably, she will loose her interest to you. Sometimes , there are girls which have boyfriends and they create plans together. Such cases almost impossible to discover untill they come to sad end . You can fall in love with her , you can speak with her over web cam, even meet her “family”. You can speak with her over phone. Come to meet her and see her life in “rent apartment” ( usually she will rent it for week , specially for your visit) . After you come back to your country – she will contine her life style about which you know nothing.

If you have seriose intentions about girl which you met on dating site and would like to be sure that everything is honest and you can move on to next seriouse stage – it is better to protect yourself and hire Private investigator who can check background of your girl friend , her habbits, life style , before you make some seriouse decision. In this case you will be confident about your future with her. Pre matrimonial investigations are very popular among some cultures and people Some people prefer to hire investigator before to marry – And in more situations – it is right solution.

When you choose Investigator make search in search engines and check with investigator about your individual case. Then choose that one whom you can trust. Dating fruad investigator who can understand your culture as well as work in enviroment of you object of interest. Choose Female and Male Investigators , which work over Eastern Europe enviroment

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