The latest trend in the candy market in Hawaii is the era of the coconut. Offering a great variety of coconut candies to choose from, the taste of coconut has never been better!

Unlike any other home-prepared coconut candy, the variety of tastes, shapes and sizes at Hawaii Candy is a must-try for everyone!

When speaking of other Hawaiian cookies and spices, the fortune cookies have shown an incredible popularity over the years. But what is the secret?

As you may know, every fortune cookie consists of a written message on a small piece of paper in it! The message is always a piece of advice, saying or a similar form that identifies to the person trying it. So, not only it’s sweet, a fortune cookie can be an ultimate life-counseling experience for anyone!

There is a new trend rising in the fortune cookie sphere – the availability to make custom and personalized fortune cookies. With this, whether you are hosting a party or simply want to blend the fortune cookies in your home atmosphere, you can write custom messages that your friends and family will receive! Who knows, maybe the thoughts in your head can find their way to the people who need them?

At Hawaii Candy, we produce the tastiest fortune cookies in the area. But apart from that, we excel in making special Hawaiian based spices, salt and nut cookies that give the ultimate touch to our candy store. Traditional and made directly in Hawaii, our portfolio includes everything from simple coconut balls to puff rice cakes and wafer cookies

Candy always helps the human body, giving it energy. Also, it is best consumed when shared with friends and family. The idea of celebrating any moment with candy will always be an exceptional memory, of course, only when it’s shared.

So, whether you are a local or a tourist, you must try every one of the Hawaiian-made cookies and candy bars. The warm and sunny feelings can also be experienced through the delicious sweets – making you love Hawaii even more!

You can visit us and try our great Hawaii-made cookies. At Hawaiian Candy, we produce the sweetest taste in the area!

Author Bio:

Soichi Ohta, founder of the company, learned the craft of making Senbei (Japanese Tea Cookies) during the early 1930’s as an apprentice in Japan. With his new-found trade, Soichi and his wife Kinuyo opened a small neighborhood factory and retail store in 1933. In 1954, he purchased what is now known as Hawaii Candy. Now you can shop online for Wafer Cookies, Fortune Cookies, Puff Rice Cake, Wun Tun Strips, Coconut Balls, and Hawaiian Island Crisp Cookies which have been headline the best sellers list at Hawaii Candy. 

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