How to Create a Facebook Page

How to Create a Facebook Page

Facebook pages are the perfect alternatives to a website now days. Whether you have a product, company or service or charity or whatever the purpose is, a Facebook page serves just the way you like. And ofcourse who doesn’t know what revolution it has brought to online product sales. So let’s learn how to create a Facebook page.


After you log into your Facebook account, Click on Create Page which you will find in the left panel under PAGES Category.


In the next page you will have to choose your category which best describes your purpose of opening your page. Let’s say you produce bags and now want to open a page about your bags. Click on the Brand or Product Category.


After that you will have to choose your Product category, which in this case is Bags/Luggage.


Now give your page a name. Let’s say your page name is MyBag. Click on Get Started to proceed.


Now in this window you can add a description about your page, tell people what this page is about. You can also put your website link if you have one. And at the bottom give your page name after the Facebook URL that people can find your page by its name. It also enables you to easily share the link anywhere.


Next step is to upload your profile picture. If you have any Logo for your company then you should put it here, otherwise put something which suits best for your page.


When you click Add to Favorites your page will appear in your Facebook Home in the left panel under Favorites. In simple words it will let you find your page easily from left panel instead of searching for it.


You can set specific locations, Age, Gender, Languages and Interests to specify which people you want to bring in your page.

fbpage8Click Save to finish the initial set up process and your page is now created.

Publisher: Fadiyah Sameh

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