configure hp procurve switch via command line cli

To configure HP Procurve switch via command line. Telnet to the switch or SSH

switch# config – Enter the switch configuration mode

switch(config)# hostname “Switch_01” – Change the hostname to desired name

Switch_01(config)# snmp-server contact “Contact Person” – Type the main contact person if desired

Switch_01(config)# snmp-server location “Location of the switch” – Specify physical location of the switch

Switch_01(config)# timesync sntp – Use SNTP time server

Switch_01(config)# sntp server – Point the switch to your SNTP server

Switch_01(config)# sntp unicast – set unicast to SNTP server

Switch_01(config)# show time – See current date and time

Switch_01(config)# password manager user-name [username] – Setup manager username. Enter password when asked.

Switch_01(config)# password operator user-name [username] – Setup operator usename. Enter password when asked.

Switch_01(config)# banner motd %[Enter Text]% – Setup banner

Switch_01(config)# write memory – Save the configuration permanently

Switch_01(config)# show run – Display the configuration

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