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Windwos 7/8/10 disk check and repair command

Disk check utility allows you to check the computer disk with errors, integrity, and errors. You can add an option to try to repair any disk problems or WIndows integrity problems. The following command checks the disk integrity: chkdsk C:…
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Open Windows program in full screen mode

By default, Windows programs open in normal screen mode. To run program in full screen mode. 1) Right click the program icon 2) Click Properties 3) Under the Shortcut tab, in the drop-down menu that appears, choose Maximized. 4) Click…
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Things to do after Windows 10 upgrade from previous version of Windows

1) Update your computer drivers especially your graphic card. Drivers can be downloaded from your computer manufacturer website or component manufacturer website. 2) Install Direct X from Microsoft, especially if you are getting “Direct X” related errors from older Games…
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