changing home dcor to match peoples eyes

Changing Décor To Match People’s Eyes – A New Online Personal Stylist Advises
Switching Everything, Including Cars, To Match People’s Personal Colors – Not Just Clothes.

Developed by a professional color expert the new website brings simple and accurate personal color advice for a low price of $7.99. Not just for clothes, the suggestions cover everything from picking a car color all the way to decorating a house.

July 6, 2014

Psychologists have known it for years and finally people outside of the universities are catching on. A person who surrounds themselves with the right color choices that complement their appearance, are more charismatic, more compelling and more interesting without even saying a word. Enter the new website What Are My Colors who offer an innovative way to inexpensively harness this power. For only $7.99 the site’s online personal stylist delivers 20 personalized color suggestions, based on hair, eyes and complexion that are appropriate for everything from clothes, to home décor, to automobiles.

The truth is traditional personal stylists can be very expensive. What Are My Colors approaches the art of determining a person’s best colors in a way that not only over delivers in results, but also keeps the service incredibly affordable. $7.99 for the 20 best color choices is unheard of in the industry, according to the company.

The process is fast and simple and the results are sent immediately by email. An innovative free app puts the colors onto smartphones.

The response from customers has been enthusiastic.

Elaine M., from California, recently said, “A friend told me about and I thought why not try it out for such a reasonable price? So I did and the color suggestions took me by surprise. But not only have I adjusted my wardrobe, I’ve also changed up the feel of my apartment following the same color ideas. The results have been remarkable. Now I get compliments every day. 100% recommended!”

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