chad lieberman new york program creator debates approaching games you control with your brain

1888 PressRelease – Tech lover Mr. Chad Ian Lieberman describes how to use your mind to dictate the action of a video game.

Virtual reality is currently at the apex of our minds. Nowhere is this more apparent than with the futuristic technologies currently being developed in various areas. Mr. Chad Lieberman, techno-lover, entrepreneur and long-time marketing expert shared his excitement at the advances in technology during a peer meet up organized in New York late last month.

In specific, he directed his attention at the gaming headset which allows the wearer to control physical as well as on-screen objects with the power of one’s mind. Mr. Lieberman, who was privy to a demonstration by Holien during the Mobile World Congress held in New York, expressed positivity at the technology’s viability.

He expounded its internal workings in his meet-up, describing that the headset, which was developed by Emo in conjunction with IE involves the use of the former’s electroencephalography headset, which can interpret and execute wearers’ unique brain patterns.

“This involves a long process where the headset must be trained in a number of steps. First, the wearer’s ‘neutral’ state is programmed by instructing them to clear their mind. Next, the wearer should think of a repetitive task of any kind, such as driving a car, which the headset also becomes able to recognize.”

Mr. Chad Lieberman from New York reported that a wearer was impressed by its comfort and unobtrusiveness, which was not what the latter expected. The training process, he describes, takes a minute or less for the push and neutral states, even though clearing the brain is hardly an easy task, especially with the typical bustle that gaming arenas are known for.

“In the active or ‘push’ state, the wearer should try to think of a repetitive task and do so over and over. The command and pattern gets more accurate as the user thinks more precisely,” he described, “The action should be the same every time.”

One wearer, according to Mr. Chad Ian Lieberman, found the technology to be ‘very strange’, saying that he felt like he wasn’t doing anything, and hence it was difficult to be sucked into the game or concentrate on position of other cars since one must concentrate on keeping their thought pattern constant and repetitive.

That aside, Chad stated that he thought the technology would still need a lot of work, but definitely has great potential once the obvious concerns are addressed.

About Chad Lieberman – New York – 6W
Chad Ian Lieberman is one of the best Internet Marketers in the United States at 6W. Presently, Chad Ian oversees all business development, project management and customer service, including running the day-to-day operations of 6W New York City.

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After successfully developing a strategy division with a startup hosting and graphic design company, Chad Lieber began pursuing the concept for the 6W Firm. His unique vision takes aspects of digital marketing, social, search and reputation, and integrates each equally into strategic monthly milestones.

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Chad Ian Lieberman currently resides in New York City, and enjoys playing golf, chess, swimming, fishing, networking and reading. His passion for entrepreneurship has led to a number of promising side projects and partnerships.

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