cannot open jpg or photo file on windows 10

If you upgraded your computer from Windows 8 or Windows 7 and try to open an image file, you may get this error “this app can’t be activated when AUC is disabled”. The reason is your default program is photo app instead of Photo Viewer. To change this you will have to first activate Windows Photo Viewer on your Windows 10 by adding registry entries.

Add this registry keys to activate your Photo Viewer as an option in your program list. Note: this will make change to your registry, which is a risk thing to do. This solution is tested on Windows 10 upgrade.

1. Download and extract this zip file containing the the registry modification

2. Click the Win10-PhotoViewer fiel and run

3 Right click your picture and click properties

4. Click Change and choose Windows Photo Viewer from the program list

After this, you should be able to open jpg, image or any picture files with Windows Photo Viewer.

Publisher: abdirahman isse

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