aryaka wan optimization solution

Let’s face it: Riverbed’s Steelhead solution was innovative – in the early 2000s. And it still works on an expensive MPLS WAN. But if you’re using the Internet, have offices in expensive geographies or trying to reach cloud services and SaaS, it’s old news.
Aryaka’s WAN Optimization-as-a-Service solution is the superior alternative.

The Top 7 reasons to choose Aryaka over Riverbed:
1. Faster to deploy and simpler to manage
2. Private WAN as part of the package
3. High performance, reliable access to cloud services and SaaS
4. Zero CapEx, lower total cost of ownership
5. End-to-end WAN and application visibility
6. Superior performance over long distances
7. Fully managed service with 24/7 support

Learn more about the superiority of the WAN Optimization as-a-Service approach , download our white paper, or request a free trial. We also have a Riverbed buyback program if we got to you late and you’ve already invested in the Capex. Allow us to free you of the appliance.

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