architects in pune make buildings that can sustain climatic change

Last two decades have been quite fruitful for the property market in Pune. There is a phenomenal increase in the paying capacity after IT companies offering high salaries to their employees. People are ready to pay a premium price if the property is good. As a result, a lot of premium builders and developers offer world-class housing societies and villas that offer modern amineties. Architects in Pune offer residential and commercial complexes that are at par with international standards of safety and stability. Undoubtedly, the rates are quite high than normal properties. However quality-conscious buyers do not mind it.

Climatic change is quite visible in the city
As there is a reduction in the green belt (area occupied by forests or trees), the average temperature is rising everywhere. Due to an imbalance of temperature, there are implications like extreme cold or hot waves, scarcity of rainfall, and drought like situation. It is a fact that the climate of Pune has drastically changed in last two decades. A place that used to be quite cold even during peak summers is now scorching hot in the month of May and June.
As the temperature rises, there is a high demand for air-conditioning and cooling. Air-conditioners emit a lot of heat in the surrounding areas. It eventually raises the ambiance and put excessive load on the air-conditioning equipment. It is a vicious circle that should be broken. Architects in Pune are serious and concerned about the city. Hence they offer innovative design solutions for buildings that can sustain climatic change.

Construction engineers and architects take care of it
Today, construction engineers and architects keep environmental aspects in mind while designing residential and commercial sites. They take care of the carbon footprint not only during the construction process but afterwards as well. It is ensured that there is no wastage of natural resources, and a great emphasis is given on recycling and reuse. The outer surface of the buildings is made weatherproof up to the largest extent. Also, flats or apartments are constructed in such a manner that there is a good amount of sunlight and airflow in all the rooms.

In huge residential complexes and localities, sufficient care is being taken for waste management and sewerage treatment. It is a fact that waste water management keeps pollution under control and in turn it improves the overall ecology. With efficient water treatment plants, it is ensured that big localities do not hamper the environmental balance of Pune.
A large area of the overall development is kept reserved for green belt and plantation. Architects in Pune are quite sensitive about it. All premium societies have maintained gardens and plantation with sufficient biological diversity. There is a perfect balance of fruit bearing plants and flower bearing plants. The ornamental and medicinal plantation is also being done in the societies. It is sure that all these efforts will make the houses sustainable to the climatic change. Though it is not possible to remain totally unaffected by it, certainly the impact can be minimized.

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