6 different ways to wear a scarf

When you say scarf you instantly think “neck”. But scarves are versatile accessories that shouldn’t be minimized to that area of the body. Check this out:

1) As a Bandana: Form a triangle and tie it to the back of your head. It looks perfect for summer or for keeping your hair protected during a road trip.

2) As a belt: Try this on a pair of baggy jeans, add a pair of hells and a shirt and you are ready to go!

3) As a bracelet: This applies only for silk squared scarves. Roll it around your wrist and finish it with a tiny bow.

4) As a Headband: Tie it around your head and add a little extra chic with a side bow. It works perfect on summer outfits.

5) As an accessory for your accessories: Tie it around your bag’s straps and let it hang. It’s a trendy way to cheer your outfit up.

6) As a turban: there are many different types of turban to try on. You just have to look up a tutorial online and go with this beautiful trend.

Publisher: mariana d.

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