5 things every woman needs in her bathroom

1) Moisturizer with SPF: This product must be on top of your list due to its contribution to your skin beauty and health. It’s all about protection these days. Apply it every morning after you wash your face and continue with your beauty routine.

2) Eye drops: You are wrong if you think eye drops are only for people who wear contact glasses. You can use them to relieve redness and dryness of your eyes after spending a long day working in front of the computer.

3) Oil-free makeup remover: Never go to bed with your makeup on in order to avoid breakouts. It’s a beauty crime. You can keep this in your bathroom or next to your bed along with some cotton balls.

4) Bobby pins: They are hair heroes, getting you out of trouble every time you don’t have time to finish your updo properly. There is a variety of colors and shapes for you to choose.

5) Whitening toothpaste: Use it every day to keep your mouth fresh and your teeth bright. Pick one that isn’t too hard to everyday use so you don’t have to worry about damaging your enamel.

Publisher: mariana d.

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