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How to create and apply Cisco Extended Access List

Access list a rule that filters a traffic going through a router interface. Unlike Standard Access List, Extended Access List permits or denies traffic based on source, destination, port, or service. You would normally apply Extended Access List on the…
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How to create and apply Cisco Standard Access List (ACL)

Access List (ACL) is rule that filters a network traffic incoming to router interface or outgoing from a router interface. Each ACL’s rules tell the router which packets to discard, and which to permit. Standard Access list filters the traffic…
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How to configure static route on Cisco router

Static route is form of routing protocol used to route or link up different networks on a router. It’s a manual entry on the router configuration that sends traffic to specific network to a known route. All static routes must…
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Interior Gateway Protocol (IGP)

IGP – Interior Gateway Protocol is used to exchange routing information between multiple routers in Autonomous System (single organization network). It consists group of other routing protocols such as Open Shortest Path (OSPF), Routing Information Protocol (RIP), Intermediate System to…
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