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Reptile House de Aarde

The much famous Reptile House in Northeastern Breda started off as a leisurely pursuit of a group of animal lovers and gradually took the form of a safe haven for reptiles of nearly all sorts. The harpetarium emerged as a…
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How to  change saved SAP NWBC (NetWeaver Business Clien) password

If you logon to SAP NetWeaver Business Client and checked remember password option, this will prompt you saved username each time you try to logon. If you need to change prompted username; 1) Browse to C:\Users\username\AppData\Roaming\SAP\NWBC 2) Right click NwbcOptions.xml…
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Openbaar Vervoer Museum, Netherlands

Openbaar Vervoer Museum is situated in the eastern Dutch city of Doetinchem. Openbaar Vervoer (Dutch) or Public Transport (English) Museum has got an amazing collection of models of train, bus and other forms of public transport. Anybody who has got…
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