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Iran in the Dynamism of Festival Celebrations

Social creatures always need a society to flourish, to pursue meaning of their lives, to relish the spice of life, to overcome the charm of segregation and to conquer the strength of society. Society and festivals are closely related in…
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Wezenlanden Park, Zwolle

Wezenlanden Park is Zwolles mystic garden, a pleasant place to experience the rhythm of daily life. It possesses a refined air, albeit occasionally tempered by the cacophony of Circus frolics or boombox tunes. Sequestered from the City by a glimmering…
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Wonderful stuffed shells

Prep time: 30 minutes Cook time: 45 minutes Ready in: 1hour 15 minute Serves: 14 people Calories: 323 Ingredients . 1 pound ground turkey (you can use chicken also) . 1 package pasta shells . 1 chopped onion . 3…
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Some symptoms of Cardiac arrest, Heart attack and Stroke

Heart attack, stroke and cardiac arrest are the most common health disasters that happen to people and in most cases people are late to realize that they are having these attacks. Let’s quickly learn what are the most likely symptoms,…
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